Miharu means “beautiful spring” in Japanese. It also happens to be the way my Japanese friends would transcript my European name into their language. My choice of this name for my works reflects my fondness of Japan and appreciation of the inspiration I derive from there. Last, but not least, I was born in spring...

I have been an artist all my life, even though I have been working as a project manager in various businesses.

In the beginning of my career, having graduated from an art school, I wanted to become an artist and art teacher. Later, following my work experience in the National Gallery in Prague and the Art Institute of Chicago, I came to a conclusion that everything was already created and there is no need for me to create more art objects.

For almost two decades I was deeply enjoying the role of a business woman. Gradually it dawned upon me: art is a personal message.

I am grateful to the energies around.

I feel I can create art objects with the meaning now. And I got a concept which I can explore in depth and which can share with others.

Let art strengthen our inner peace.

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